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Arkfeld eDiscovery and Digital Evidence Online Course

This key online or live instruction course is designed to provide the legal professional with a solid integrated and comprehensive foundation regarding the technological and legal issues involving electronic discovery and evidence.

eDiscovery Education Center

The practical and cutting edge instruction covers:

What is Unique About the Program?

  • The program instruction is based on the acclaimed Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence treatise, Best Practice Guides, model forms and other materials.

  • Primary instructor: Michael Arkfeld, former litigator and acclaimed author and speaker who has written the seminal work on eDiscovery

  • Unparalleled course materials – authoritative, current, comprehensive publications and model practice forms

  • Focused on technological concepts and legal principles

  • Distinguished speakers

  • Interactive, innovative live and online instruction available

  • Includes over 18 hours of online, on-demand instruction


“Thank you for the training you provided our staff in the field of electronic discovery. The feedback that we have received from staff was universally positive. Our staff was impressed by your vast knowledge on the subject matter as well as your ability to present complex legal and technical concepts, best practices and case law in a manner readily understandable by a wide-ranging audience including legal, technology and administrative staff.”

Jennifer Lucchesi, California State Lands Commission

“I entered Michael Arkfeld’s eDiscovery course wondering if, as a non-attorney support staff, I had what it takes to even get through the course. But, Michael’s knowledge and expertise in the world of eDiscovery coupled with his passion and enthusiasm for teaching, not to mention the tools and resources he provided, made the course so interesting and so exciting that I ended the course with the skills and confidence necessary to take my career to the next level. What an amazing journey! Thank you Michael!”

Rebecca Wood, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

“Arkfeld E-Discovery Program is not just going to fill a CLE requirement. This program will change how you see the world. Electronically stored information is swirling around our society. This program highlights many different ways it is interwoven with our everyday lives, and gives you guidance on how to obtain that information that is useful for your discovery. This program has universal utility in any law field: Family Law, Antitrust, Personal Injury/Workman’s Compensation, and many more. I would highly recommend this program to any legal professional (Attorneys and Paralegal/Professional Staff). As technology becomes more expansive, these classes will become even more essential to the legal realm, so empower yourself now. There is no time like the present.”

Salim Uqdah, North Carolina Certified Paralegal