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Meet Michael

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Meet Michael Arkfeld, Litigator, Educator and Author on Electronic Discovery and Evidence

* Credentials: Litigator and acclaimed author, educator and thought leader helping legal professionals apply electronic discovery and evidence best practices since 2001





* Author: Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence treatise (referenced in the Zubulake decision), Four Best Practice Guides, and Model Practice Forms. Publications recently used as core course materials for Georgetown eDiscovery Training Academy

* Educator: Keynote speaker, conference organizer, seminar speaker at over 250 ediscovery conferences and primary instructor for online, eDiscovery courses

* Expertise: Technological and legal ediscovery issue approach that enables practitioner to understand and apply ediscovery rules and case law precedents to their cases

* Passions: Family, mountain biking, and helping legal professionals identify, understand and apply ediscovery technological and legal principles

* Past lives: Assistant United States Attorney specializing in civil litigation

* Where he gets his best ideas: Research, court decisions and inspiration of colleagues

* Favorite saying: "It is not the strongest or most intelligent that survive; it is those who are the most [ persistent and ] adaptable.” - Charles Darwin


Georgetown eDiscovery Training Academy Evaluations:

"Great lecture."

"Michael is relevant and on point. He communicates clearly. His materials are excellent."

"Michael's presentation was clear and stayed on topic."

"The written materials for this were great, but Mike's PowerPoint presentation is probably most valuable to the attendees because it seems to synthesize a lot of the issues and provides great practical advice."

"Michael Arkfeld was the perfect speaker on this important topic. The format worked well because it meshed the various written materials."



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Understanding e-discovery is critical in order to protect yourself and your clients.