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eDiscovery Education Questions

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Questions to Ask Before Selecting an eDiscovery Course

One of the most important decisions you will make regarding the study of eDiscovery is selecting the appropriate course. The following are questions you should ask before selecting a course.

 Instructors and speakers:

  • Who are the primary instructors?
  • What is the experience and educational credentials of the primary instructors?
  • Have they authored and written books, articles, court decisions, or other substantive content regarding eDiscovery?
  • Have they been actively involved in litigation and handling eDiscovery?
  • What experience do they have in handling eDiscovery matters?
  • Are the speakers - attorneys, paralegals, service providers or other legal professionals?
  • Are the instructors recognized in the profession as eDiscovery experts?
       If so, by whom?
  • Are the insructors available for questons during the course?

  On what written content is the course based?

  • Is the course based on a treatise, textbook, or other publications?
  • How current are the materials for the course?
  • Is the course based on up-to-date content covering information technology, legal discovery concepts and admissibility of ESI?
  • Is the course only based on articles or cases?
  • Is the content comprehensive, comprehensible and integrated in an organized manner?

Does the course provide you a pre and post assessment test?

  • If so, who created the tests?
  • Are the tests updated?

Will the course provide you a completion certificate?

  • Does the course provide you with a "certificate of completion" that will be recognized in the legal profession as coming from a qualified education provider?

Have others taken the course?

  • Are there testimonials available as to the quality of the course?
  • Are names and organizations of the people providing the testimonials available?

Is the course CLE approved?

  • If so, in what states?

What is the cost of the course?


  • How long has the organization been in existence?
  • Was the organization created specifically to provide ediscovery education?
  • If so:
       Who are the prinicipals of the company?
       Do the principals have a background with e-discovery?

Understanding e-discovery is critical in order to protect yourself and your clients.